The Top 5 Worst Things to Wear to a Job Interview

When you’re preparing for a big job interview, one of the most nervewracking decisions can be what to wear. You want to dress for the job, but you don’t want to overdress and seem like an asshole. At the same time you don’t want to be too casual and make it seem like you’re disrespecting the interviewer and the job. Still, you have to be careful not to come off as too intense and desperate. Here are the top 5 worst things to wear to a job interview:

5. Bathing suit
You want to feel comfortable at a job interview and you want to let the interviewer know you’re ready to take the plunge into a new profession, but a bathing suit is a bit too casual.

And if you don't leave immediately they tend to call the cops.

4. JUST a sport coat
It’s important to strike a perfect balance between business and casual attire and you might think that could be achieved by wearing only a sport coat and nothing else. However, wearing just a sport coat and having your genitals out is not a pleasant balance, it’s a clashing of two extremes and it’s very jarring.

This is half correct.

3. Honeybee costume
You want to be a memorable contestant for the job you’re going for, but you need to use your personality and credentials to say that. Wearing a honeybee costume sends the message that you’re not taking the job seriously. It also raises awareness for how bees are going extinct which is important, but ill timed when you’re simply trying to obtain work.

Yellow and black will subconsciously mean "caution" to an interviewer.

2. Leather gimp outfit
A lot of companies are looking for someone who will take abuse and keep coming back for more. That being said, wearing a leather gimp outfit to a job interview is not the best idea. For one thing you have to unzip your mouth to talk and it can muffle a lot of what you’re trying to say which makes you sound unqualified.

Even though a job can sometimes feel like sadomasochistic bondage it's best not to involve that in the interview.

And the number one worst thing to wear to a job interview is...

1. Suit made of human skin
You really never want to wear a suit made of human skin anywhere in public much less a job interview. It does show you’re creative and devoted, but no matter how much you tell them you bought the skin and no one was harmed, they will not believe you.

Most interviewers won't be impressed by your mask made of human flesh.

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