Dumbass Sayings: “The Biggest Idiot Can Ask Questions The Smartest Man Cannot Answer”

There’s a quote floating around out there that goes “The biggest idiot can ask questions the smartest man cannot answer.” This is an alternate version of the quote “The greatest fool may ask more than the wisest man can answer.” I’m not really sure what this is trying to say. Is it defending stupidity? I don’t see why that should ever be done. Of course this saying is true, but it’s so true it’s just dumb. Yes, the biggest idiot in the world could ask the smartest man “Where are my underpants right now?” and the smartest man would have no idea they were in the idiot’s toilet. What is that supposed to mean? Nothing. This saying means absolutely nothing. The smartest man can ask far more questions that the biggest idiot can’t answer so if this is about a battle between smart and stupid, smart wins outright every time. Intelligence can be overrated and smart people can’t explain everything, but that doesn’t mean stupidity is the answer. Asking questions is not always the mark of an intelligent person, it depends on the questions, and the questions a fool asks are generally not even worth answering to begin with.

Hey da Vinci, if you're so smart where did all my string cheese go? You're right I did eat it. Wow you're good.

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