Dumbass Sayings: “The Business End”

Sometimes you hear a guy at the bar talk about the time he was arrested and the police gave him “the business end” of a broom. People say “the business end” of things like “business” is all about penetrating the human body. What kind of business is that? Depending on what your activity is, either one of the ends of a broom could be considered the “business end.” If you’re sweeping a floor for instance, I think the business end would be the one with the bristles on it. If you’re sodomizing someone in a holding cell then it’d be the other end, but don’t just say “business end” like that’s a thing. And if there is a “business end” to every baton shaped object then that’s the opposite side? “The casual end”? What if you’ve got a double edged personal enjoyment item? Then both ends are the business end. Why even call them business ends at that point? Shouldn’t a double edged personal enjoyment item just be called a “business personal enjoyment item”? If that’s the case why am I chastised for bringing one into the office? See, none of this makes sense!

The business end of a plunger would change depending on if you were in the business of unclogging a toilet or clogging an asshole.

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