Dumbass Sayings: “Hate is a Strong Word”

When you ask a lady at work if she wants to go out to dinner with you she says “No thanks, I hate you… Well, hate is a strong word. I severely dislike you.” What the hell do you mean hate is a strong word? Listen up sucka, words don’t have power, it’s the meanings we attach to them that have power. Even then, it’s just a meaning, it’s not the actual thing. Just because you say “Elvis” doesn’t mean the mofo suddenly appears in the room. Words only represent ideas of a thing not the actual thing. If hate is a strong word what would be a weak word? “Silky”? Silky has an extra letter, that has to give it some sort of competitive edge. “Hate is a strong emotion” is what people mean to say. Then again, what emotions aren’t strong? You’re allowed to feel strongly about things, frankly I don’t care. I offer you the opportunity to take me to dinner and you turn it down? Fine, I’ll dine alone in sadness. No, sadness is a strong emotion. Let’s just say I’ll be dining alone before a night of vicious self-passion. That’s strong too, but that’s just how I get down.

"Strangulation" is a strong word, I call it "putting someone's life source on manual restriction."

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