Dumbass Sayings: “Good Luck”

When you’re at the Walmart checkout buying condoms, a fishing net, and sleeping pills the cashier will sometimes say “Good luck…” Are they being sarcastic? I don’t know. Regardless, I have a problem with this saying “good luck” to people business. The problem is that it doesn’t have an effect. It’s completely pointless. The way you can tell is that no one ever wishes people “bad luck.” If you hate someone and they’re about to try to break the world record for most dildos packed into the human anus, wishing them “bad luck” isn’t going to stop them. If anything it might fuel them to try even harder. So naturally if that’s the opposite of “good luck” then saying “good luck” could, if anything, have the opposite effect of what is intended. The ability to succeed is not imparted upon a person by the words of others. “Good luck” isn’t even a valid encouragement. When you say “good luck” you’re basically reinforcing to a person the idea that their fate is entirely in the hands of random chance. If you really want someone to succeed you should try to give them some encouragement in the form of compliments. Ironically, if you know they respond well to negative motivation, wishing them “bad luck” would actually be “good luck.” “Good luck” means nothing. It’s an empty expression that is far too overused and it needs to stop. Just say “I hope you do well.” There are three extra words, but they’re short ones. Give it a try sometime.

The next time you wish someone "good luck" give them a horseshoe so they have something physically useless too.

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