Ask McFartnuggets: “What’s Your Life Like Outside of YouTube and Mansion of Mania?”

Dear McFartnuggets:
What's your life like outside of YouTube and your Mansion of Mania? I've been watching your videos and reading your articles and interesting things for quite some time, and it makes me wonder what you do outside of them. Are you in college for something? Do you have a job? I'd like to know just a bit more about the creator of this big, beautiful mess. Thanks! -- William from Delaware

Dear William:
Let me first thank you for taking an interest in what I do. It is nice to hear from people who appreciate the commercials I find in my grandpa’s attic of old film reels. It takes a lot of effort to restore them and transfer them to digital format. As for what I do with my time away from YouTube, writing articles about phrases I find stupid, and this Q&A portion, I can’t divulge too much information. I’ve been called somewhat of an enigma, even by people who know me personally and I tend to agree with that assessment. Some people have told me they look into my eyes and it’s like “peering into the ancient ruins of an ethereal charade.” What I can tell you is that I am a college graduate and I have a horrible job like most usual people. However, my devotion to both YouTube and the Mansion of Mania are actually what prevent me from living a normal life. I’m here for the people who read this blog and seek my advice. And of course I’m here for the viewers of my YouTube channel. Everything else like my ex-wife and kids all come second. A lot of people have it backwards and say their families take precedence over their internet videos and blogs. What they don’t realize is that their families will all die eventually, but what they produce on this internet is being catalogued, recorded, and kept for as long as humans exist. Believe me I get a lot of flack for that point of view, but it’s important to prioritize in life and THIS, this right here, this is genuine and real and that’s why I do it. When you’ve traveled through the phase of hardcore drugs and parties you realize real life occurs more in your own mind than in the physical world. That’s where I’ve been living for the past few years so to put it simply, you’ve been living my life all along… Hopefully that answered some of your questions!

Here's me as a baby.

Write your questions to PizzaTesticles@yahoo.com and please be patient I’m answering as fast as I can goddamnit!

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