The Top 5 Worst Answers To The Job Interview Question “Why Are You Interested in This Position?”

One of the most popular job interview questions is “Why are you interested in this position.” It’s a popular question to ask because it can really throw people for a loop. The trick is to not be caught off guard by this question. To help avoid that, please review the following top 5 worst answers to this question and avoid saying them at all costs:

5. I need money, dumbass.
Now this is the first answer that should immediately pop into your head, but it’s imperative that you stop your voice box from saying it and try to think of a different answer.

4. My mommy said I could be really good at this work!
Even if this answer happens to be true, you want to avoid saying this to seem a little more independent. Also, depending on how old you are this can be a very disturbing thing to say. For instance if you’re above 50-years-old this is a definite no-go.

3. If I don’t get this job my family will die…
Again, another very possibly true answer, but one that’s improper for a job interview. Yes, when you think about it, if you’re in a poor enough financial situation with a drug abuse problem and a lot of mental and emotional issues, a crushing job interview failure could lead to the demise of your family in one form or another, just don’t mention it.

2. It hath been ordained by the lord.
Unless you’re applying to be a minister this is an answer to avoid. If you notice the person interviewing you is severely religious then this might be a good one, but if you’re just interviewing with someone of no obvious religious affiliation at Best Buy you’re going to want to keep a lid on this one.

And the number one worst answer to the job interview question “Why are you interested in this position?” is...

1. I'm always interested trying in new positions *wink wink.
It seems like a clever answer and maybe it is, but every time I’ve used it the interview is immediately stopped and I’m removed from the building.

Ah the ol' Peruvian Plank.

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