Dumbass Sayings: “Your Stomach Thinks All Potato Is Mashed”

Sometimes a man on the bus will turn to you randomly out of the blue and say “Your stomach thinks all potato is mashed…” Then he gets off the bus thinking he just broke your mind. There are a few things wrong with this idea. Obviously your stomach can’t think. If it could then it would know when you accidentally swallowed a watch battery and it would not digest that and just poop it out so you didn’t die. The stomach isn’t smart enough to know what’s what. But let’s presume the stomach is intelligent to differentiate different foods. If that was the case then surely the stomach would be able to tell the difference between different preparations and styles of potato dishes by the time they got to your stomach. Obviously if there’s bacon bits and cheese mixed in with the potatoes then your stomach would know you just ate potato skins not mashed potatoes. Also, depending on how well you chew this could be a no-brainer. Unless you pulverize your potato foods to the texture of mashed potatoes before you swallow then there has to be a difference in texture and consistency by the time it reaches your stomach.

Your stomach probably thinks all oat is oatmeal too.

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