Dumbass Sayings: “What’s Up?”

Does anyone actually stop to think about what this means? Why is the pressing matter of conversation in an elevated position? What is this even trying to say? Is it a shortened version of “What is up on the imaginary board of things you want to talk about?” That’s what it seems like it means and if that’s the case then that’s insane because that means this is what people are actually saying when they say “What’s up?” except they don’t realize it and neither do the people being asked this. Also there’s absolutely no continuity here. If something is “going down” then that’s often times simultaneously “what’s up” at the moment. If a rap battle is “going down” in your neighborhood then when someone asks “What’s up?” you’ll probably say “There’s a rap battle going on in the neighborhood.” These two phrases can’t co-exist logically. Either you start asking people “What’s down?” meaning an abbreviated version of “What’s going down?” or you start saying things are “going up” when they’re occurring.

Air disasters are often what's up.

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