Ask McFartnuggets: "Why is March Madness Basketball Compared to Cinderella?"

Dear McFartnuggets: 
Why is everyone always comparing the March Madness college basketball tournament to the story of “Cinderella”? I always hear people saying “This is a Cinderella team” and “This is the big dance” and “These number one seeds are the belles of the ball.” Why is a team a “Cinderella”? Just because they’re not expected to win? Does that mean all the teams are battling to find Prince Charming? That seems a little gay. Shouldn’t they arrive to games in a big pumpkin carriage? Also if it was like Cinderella then wouldn’t the winner be decided by having the Prince fit a shoe on the players? And where’s the fairy godmother in all this? -- Alana from Little Rock, Arkansas

Dear Alana:
I think you’re taking this too seriously. It’s simply a minor analogy. When small colleges make it to the NCAA tournament they’re sort of like Cinderella without the wicked stepsisters. From there the similarities to “Cinderella” end. I’m not too familiar with the story but I don’t think Cinderella had to ball hard through six other bitches to get what she wanted. And no they’re not fighting for the hand of Prince Charming, they’re just trying to win a national championship which really doesn’t mean much. They’d be better off with Prince Charming at least they’d get some money out of the deal.

The comparison to Cinderella might be a better fit if anyone gave a rat's ass about women's college basketball.

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