Dumbass Sayings: “Daylight Savings”

Every year sometime around March we take one hour out of our lives and put that into Daylight Savings. Then approximately eight months later in November we take that hour back out of savings and put it back into our day. A lot of people think this is stupid and it should stop. I don’t think it’s a bad idea in theory, it’s just a bad idea in practice. Why do we put one hour into savings and only get back exactly one hour later in the year? What kind of savings account are we using here? It should be called Daylight Checking Time! What we need to do is use a different time bank and find one that can help us accrue some interest on that hour. I think more people would be on board with this Daylight Savings Time shit if by the time November came around we could roll the clocks back a couple days or even a week! Imagine how helpful that would be. There really doesn’t seem to be enough time in life so if we got an extra week every year that would come in very handy. The bottom line is we need a better time investment strategy. Saving one hour and getting one hour back is pointless. We may as well be putting that hour under our mattress. Let’s use that time more wisely and make it work for us.

These Illuminati Freemasons turn a giant clock forward and now we all have to?

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