Dumbass Sayings: “Don’t Put Your Jackets Away Just Yet!”

Usually this time of year you hear weathermen on the news say “Today might be in the 70’s but winter isn’t over so don’t put your jackets away just yet!” This is a really odd cliche. What does putting your jacket away mean? Putting it in the closet? Why can’t I put my jacket in the closet when I’m not wearing it? That’s where jackets go. If it’s the dead of winter do people just put their jackets on a table or a chair or throw them on the floor and never put them away? That’s just lazy. Why is it such a big deal to put my jacket away? I’m not putting my jacket into a fucking security deposit box at the bank. I don’t seal it up and put the shit in a locked trunk in the attic. It’s going to be hanging in the closet like David Carradine the end of the day regardless of what temperature it is outside. Don’t tell me what to do with my clothing!

It's good that they warn you because we've all put our winter coat away too early and ended up regretting it severely when it turned to be cold again.

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