The Top 5 Words That Men Try To Avoid Saying At All Costs

Even in the year 2015 where there’s no more real gender identity anymore, there are still certain phrases and words that men try not to say to avoid seeming feminine. They’re only words, yet it just feels weird for a tough guy to say certain things. Here are the top 5 words that men try to avoid saying because you can’t look tough while saying them:

5. “Coinkydink”
You would never hear Burt Reynolds say “That’s a coinkydink.” No, tough guys say out the full word “coincidence” every time.

4. “Yippie!”
You would never hear Charles Bronson say “We’re all getting ice cream, YIPPIE!” Tough guys rarely make wild exclamations of joy and if they do it’s usually just “YEAH!” or “WOO!” or some type of roaring noise.

3. “Dindin”
You would never hear Steve McQueen say “Are we having Hamburger Helper for dindin tonight?” Tough guys say “dinner.” Also “dindin” doesn’t really make sense as an abbreviation since it’s the same number of letters. It’s sole purpose is to sound fun and cute.

2. “Breakiepoo”
You would never hear Clint Eastwood say “Hold on guys, I need to take a breakiepoo.” Phrases like this can’t come from a tough guy. The second a tough guy says it he ceases to be a tough guy for that brief moment.

And the number one word men try never to say is...

1. “Delightful”
You would never hear Joe Pesci say “That’s delightful.” It’s the only classic normal word on this list, but that doesn’t stop it from sounding not tough. You never hear a really tough man’s man use the word “delightful.” I don’t know why. It just doesn’t sound tough.

"You wish to settle our quarrel with fisticuffs? Delightful!"

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