5 Convenient Alternate Uses For Tampons

E.T. loves tampons.
Let’s say somehow you accidentally purchased a bulk surplus of tampons and you can’t possibly use all of them for their intended purpose. Well fortunately for you, tampons are very versatile items that can be utilized in lots of fun and creative ways. Try some of these out for size!

1. Children’s arts and crafts
The nice thing about this is kids don’t know what tampons are so as long as you don’t explain what they’re for, a kid’s imagination can run wild and they can make amazing works of art with glitter and tampons glued to construction paper.

Nothing like building a model airplane out of tampons to impress your dad.

2. Beverage flavor boosters
Want to add a flavor boost to any beverage? Soak a tampon in Mio water enhancer and drop it in your glass. Try not to use the cherry kind in public.

Soak a tampon in Jagermeister and drop it into a glass of Red Bull next time you're at a bar.

3. Ice dildos
Soak a tampon in water and throw it in the freezer for a quick and easy ice dildo to stay cool on those dog days of summer.

Icicles are just Inuit dildos.

4. Dog chew toys
Speaking of dogs, we all know they love chewing on tampons, hopefully pre-used. A nice gift for your dog can be to fashion a chew toy out of the tampons. Soak them in bacon grease for an added treat.

Tampons also make great teething toys for babies.

5. Earplugs
These days, little attention is paid to protecting our ears. There’s just no reason to subject your eardrums to dangerously high decibels when you have a perfect set of earplugs in your pockets. Sure you might look silly, but who’s going to look sillier: you with tampons crammed in your ears or everyone else in twenty years when they’re going “I beg pardon?”

Also helpful when you're bleeding from the ears.

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