Ask McFartnuggets: “When Someone Tells You They’re A Pathological Liar Is It True?”

Dear McFartnuggets: 
This girl I just started dating told me she’s a pathological liar. Does that mean she really is a pathological liar? I mean if she is that means she’s a compulsive liar who basically always lies so if she says she IS that means she’s not, but if she’s not then that means she really IS because she lied about saying she was. But if she really is a pathological liar and she says she is then that means she’s not because she was telling the truth so that would actually make her a liar too because she says she was when she wasn’t! I’m very confused! Help me! -- Fredo from Baltimore

Dear Fredo:
Well it is possible for pathological liars to tell the truth occasionally so you’ll have to believe her in this instance which means you can no longer believe her ever again. The thing is, if she isn’t a pathological liar and she said she was then that’s that’s even worse so you have to assume she is and just told the truth that one time. Good luck with this lady. She sounds like a live one!

It's important to pay attention to possible red flags in a relationship. If a woman tells you she's a pathological liar, that's one. If she does goofy shit like in this picture, that's another.
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