The Top 5 Types of People You Should Never Make Fun of

There are better ways
to have fun.
We all know you should never make fun of anybody, but there are certain kinds of people that are better to make fun of than others. For example: people with a sense of humor are usually be able to be made fun of without a huge problem. If you’re only mocking someone with gestures you can make fun of blind people as long as no one else is in the room, who’s being hurt? However, there are specific types of people you should NEVER make fun of because it’s too cruel and you will get in a lot of trouble even if you’re only joking. Here are the top 5 groups of people you should never make fun of:

5. Homeless
It’s definitely wrong to make fun of homeless people. Sadly, they’re 5th on this list because a lot of people do make fun of them. Usually these jokes are made indoors though so the homeless can’t see them which is good in a way. Still, it’s wrong. People like to mock those who are struggling to make themselves feel better and it’s sad. Those are the people who should be made fun of, well not really them either because that’s mean too.

What kind of jackass mocks the homeless?

4. Children
Children aren’t fully formed people so you can’t really make fun of them. Making fun of a kid is like mocking cake batter. Yeah it’s gross and worthless now, but let’s wait until it’s a cake before we start passing judgement.

Even if the little Somali girl isn't that good at breakdancing you're supposed to lie to her. Who are you to crush a child's dreams?

3. Mentally disabled
You should never make fun of the mentally disabled. That’s a definite NO NO. It’s so wrong you have to say no twice. Anyone with a disability is off-limits for mocking. The ironic thing is people with disabilities want to be seen as normal like we all do, and if you see them as normal you might mock them the way you’d mock an able-minded friend, but when you do it’s wrong. The logic here is a little convoluted and confusing so the best thing to do is just to refrain from making fun of the disabled altogether.

So his head is a little bit bigger than normal? So what?

2. Physically disabled
The physically disabled are really neck and neck with mentally disabled as far as whoto not make fun of. The only reason the physically disabled are at #2 on our list is because they’re fully aware of being made fun of which makes it worse. Don’t get me wrong, it’s ALL bad.

Just because someone's legs are a bit off doesn't mean they won't kick your ass.

And the number one type of person you should never make fun of is…

1. Drug addicted gun owner
You really never want to test someone who has a loaded weapon and a substance abuse problem. Morally speaking, making fun of a homeless child who’s physically and mentally disabled is a lot worse than making fun of a drug addict with a shotgun, but you’ll probably survive the former. If you make fun of a cocaine addicted guy with an uzi there’s a good chance you’ll die and that’s why drug addicted gun owner is #1 on this list. Just don’t do it.

That elephant must have said something really awful.

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