The Top 5 Worst Foods To Feed To A Baby

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When you have a baby you want them to get the best nutrition possible, but it’s also important to remember that certain foods just aren’t geared toward babies. A lot of foods out there pose dangerous health risks to a toddler or infant and it’s important to recognize which of those foods that may seem innocuous to us can be a deadly hazard to our babies. Here are the top 5 worst foods to feed a baby:

5. Hard sourdough pretzels
Hard sourdough pretzels nearly killed George W. Bush. He may have not have been the brightest guy, but he was the leader of the free world and any food that can assassinate a President is dangerous.

It's always a good idea to keep your baby away from anything called "The Pounder."

4. Peanut M&Ms
Some people like to feed their kids M&Ms, but the peanut ones may be too big for the average baby to eat. Plus, the peanut is crunchy and most babies don’t have the teeth strength to chomp those down.

If adults can't even digest whole peanuts what hope does a baby have?

3. Baby back ribs
I know they’re baby back ribs and you have a baby. You’d think they’d be a perfect match. Unfortunately babies can’t really even hold the ribs much less pick the meat off them with their teeth. That’s sort of a skill you learn later on in life and god forbid the baby ends up with the rib lodged in their throat.

Most babies aren't a huge fan of barbecue.

2. Japanese pufferfish
“Fugu” is a dangerous food for even grown adults to eat so it’s definitely not suitable for babies. Even when it’s cooked properly there’s still a small amount of poison in the meat that can numb people’s mouths. That’s probably not a good thing to expose a baby to.

It's always best to keep your infant away from neurotoxins.

And the number one worst food to feed to a baby is…

1. KFC
Yeah I don’t know about feeding Kentucky Fried Chicken to babies. It just seems like a weird thing to do. The grease is too much for them. Their hearts are fragile so you don’t want to start clogging up arteries. A good rule of thumb is to not start eating things that can clog your arteries until you can actually pronounce the word “arteries.” Then on top of that there are bones which can kill the baby. All in all, a bucket of KFC is pretty much the worst thing to give to a baby.

You shouldn't start eating out of a bucket until you're at least five years old.

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