The Top 5 Most Embarrassing Ringtones

People think ringtones
tell a lot about you.
Sometimes ringtone are
just ringtones.
When you get a new phone one of the most important things to do is set your ringtone. When you’re picking a ringtone you want to select a sound or song that’s going to communicate to other people how cool you are. Sometimes you might select a song while drunk at home one night to be your ringtone and you don’t realize how embarrassing it is until your phone actually goes off the next day at work during a meeting. Here are the top 5 most embarrassing ringtones to put on your phone:

5. “Wannabe” by Spice Girls
When your phone rings and this song plays you can try to start dancing along to it, but everyone still looks at you like a psychopath.

4. “Kiss The Girl” from “The Little Mermaid” soundtrack
Another awful song to have as a ringtone. This just isn’t an appropriate song for a grown adult to have as an incoming alert that a voice communication request has been sent to them.

3. Farting
When you’re up all night drunk it seems like a good idea to fart into your phone and make that your ringtone. Then the next day you’re hungover at work talking to your boss in her office and it sounds like you’re basically shitting your pants right there in the seat.

2. Porn moaning
Sometimes when you’re really wasted you’ll accidentally hit record on your phone when you’re watching your love movies and then somehow your phone with a mind of its own will set that as your ringtone. Then that goes off while you’re on a date and the chick thinks you’re some kind of pervert. Good guess. Spot on there, actually, but it was meant to be a secret!

And the number one most embarrassing ringtone is...

1. Your mother
Sometimes your mom will play a prank on you by recording a custom ringtone that’s her saying “This is your mother, pick up the phone! I’m calling you right now at work! Your underwears were all over the floor in your room and one of them had a sperm stain!” Nothing’s more embarrassing than having that go off in your pocket during an exam or at a board room meeting.

If you've ever gone through THIS with another human being, it's understandable to never want to see them ever again.

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