Dumbass Sayings: “Silence is Golden”

What's that sonny?!
I couldn't hear you I was too
busy enjoying all this GOLD.
One thing people say without really thinking is “Silence is golden.” People who say this clearly don’t know anyone who has a hearing impairment because if silence is golden then being deaf must be great. Of course it’s not. We all know there’s really nothing positive about being deaf other than you will never have to experience modern pop music. Saying “Silence is golden” is also a horrible lesson to teach kids. Yes, kids can be annoying and loud, but that’s much better than raising a mute because the boy wants to be Golden Man, the man who never makes sound. If you keep telling a kid “Silence is golden!” all the time what is a poor youngster supposed to take from that? If silence is golden then why don’t I feel more rich during sex when the woman is laying there half dead not making the slightest peep? If silence is golden then noise must be diamonds, which are a girl’s best friend which explains why women talk so much! Maybe this does make sense after all. No, it doesn’t! You can’t attribute physical qualities to an absence of sound waves. That’s insane.

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