The Top 5 Most Awkward Songs To Sing in the Shower

You never know when someone
has a Talkman recording you.
Everyone sings in the shower whether you like to admit it or not. The key is not being caught. Usually you only sing in the shower when you think you’re the only one in the house or you’re drunk. Normally when you sing a popular current song people understand that it just got stuck in your head, but when you sing certain songs it’s awkward for everyone. Here are the top 5 most awkward songs to sing in the shower:

5. “Informer” - Snow
If you’ve ever been caught singing this song in the shower you know just how odd of a situation it puts you in. All you can do is stand there naked waiting for your uncle to slowly back out of the room.

4. “Dude Looks Like A Lady” - Aerosmith
This song is awkward to sing in the shower for two main reasons: It’s difficult to do that sound Steven Tyler makes before he sings “Dude looks like a lady!” and also it’s a song about a transvestite.

3. “It’s A Hard Knock Life” - Annie
This is an awkward song to get caught singing in the shower and I mean the original not the Jay-Z version. It might be okay to sing the Jay-Z version, but singing the one from the movie “Annie” is going to be seen as a tad bizarre.

2. “The Beautiful People” - Marilyn Manson
Marilyn Manson has a distinct singing style that isn’t really suitable for home singing particularly in the shower. There’s a lot of yelling in this song too which is going to get people’s attention even all the way at the other side of your home.

And the number one most awkward song to sing in the shower is...

1. “Will You Be There” - Michael Jackson
I don’t know what it is about this song, but nothing’s more awkward than someone walking in on you naked and crying while singing this song.

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