Dumbass Saying: “Get A Life”

To get a life you must
first take a life.
When you’re following someone around town watching everything they do and going through their trash cans they’ll come outside and say “Get a life!” I never understood this saying. People only say this to living individuals. You would never tell a corpse to get a life even though they’re the ones who are in dire need of one. People need to be more specific with this term. You can’t just tell someone to “Get a life.” What kind of life? How about telling someone “Get a life that involves charitable contributions in the community!” or “Get a life devoted to athletics and physical fitness.” When you say “Get a life” that’s just too broad and open for interpretation. The people you say this to have lives, those lives just involve stalking people and watching internet cat videos all day long. Those are technically lives. Be more specific and say “Go to dinner parties and singles mixers!” At least that gives the person some direction. Think about what you consider “A life” and then give them ways to pursue that. Not all people consider going out all the time and having one night stands to be a “Life” believe it or not. Sometimes you just want to people watch and read comic books in your underpants eating Twizzlers. To some people that’s a great life. So “get a life”? I already got one, sweetheart.

Some of us prefer playing on a higher difficulty with fewer lives.

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