The Top 5 Weirdest Things To Give To A Homeless Person

Beggars can't be choosers, but
give hobos things they need.
Only the best people give to the homeless every single day. You usually have to be pretty wealthy to do that, but who says the only things you can give the homeless are clothes, food, and money? When you don’t limit yourself to those three things the possibilities become endless! However, it’s important to keep it practical and give them things they can use to help themselves. You don’t want to get too weird with the things you’re donating. Here are the top 5 weirdest things to give to a homeless person:

5. Ice cream
Ice cream is a great treat especially in the Summer, but it’s not the best thing to give to a homeless person. It’s too sugary and will ruin their teeth, it’s messy and it will make their hands all sticky, and god forbid you give it to a lactose intolerant homeless person.

Don't bother giving a homeless person Dippin' Dots. Just give them the ten dollars.

4. A taser
A taser is a practical gift for that special homeless person in your life, but it could lead them to trouble. Depending on the person this could be a great gift, it’s just a weird thing that no homeless person expects you to give them.

Make sure you do your own background check on a hobo before you give them a taser.

3. Yoga pants
Yoga pants might be a popular fashion these days, but it’s nothing a homeless person should be wearing. If it’s a woman homeless then maybe it’s okay, but if it’s a homeless man that’s totally weird and no one wants to see that.

Hot pants and jeggings are also not great to give to the homeless.

2. A microphone and speaker
Giving a homeless person a microphone and portable speaker is not a good idea. They might enjoy it because it will let them get their thoughts out to the people, but it’s probably only a matter of time before they’re arrested or the gift is confiscated.

The homeless should have a voice, but giving a homeless guy a bullhorn could get him in trouble.

And the number one weirdest thing to give to a homeless person is…

1. A kiss
Don’t underestimate the homeless. They have their ways of getting love in their lives. They don’t need random people coming up to them sticking their tongues down their throats. Plus it usually tastes pretty bad so I would advise strongly against this.

You shouldn't even kiss someone else around a homeless person, it's mean. And if they're above you they may even urinate on you out of anger (as pictured here).

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