Dumbass Sayings: “Family Friendly”

Whenever you try to bring a baby into a strip club the security is always like “Excuse me sir, this venue is not family friendly.” “Family friendly”? What is this term? I think they mean to say “Child friendly.” I would never let my baby go into a strip club by itself because it’s not “Child friendly” but if I’m with it supervising her behavior then we’re at the club as a family and it’s fine. There’s a reason you can take a baby into an R rated movie as long as you’re with them. A parent is able to supervise and control what their children see. As long as the parent is there to comfort the infant then these adult situations can be turned into important learning experiences. “Family friendly” is a meaningless term that shouldn’t be used. If you want to say “Family friendly” just say “Child friendly” and let’s cut the crap. Families can take care of themselves. Families are strong. Families can handle a strip club. You don’t think I should bring my baby in? Okay then I’ll just leave it in the car! Is that what you prefer? What are you a goddamn monster?

You can tell these kids have seen some shit in their lives and they're stronger for it.

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