The Top 5 Ways To Get Someone To Stop Copying You

Mirrors always be mocking.
When a person wants to get on your nerves one of their favorite things to do is to mimic everything you say and do. When you say “Stop copying me!” They say “Stop copying me!” It seems like there’s no way to get them to stop, but there are certain loopholes that can put an end to the mockery. If someone’s mimicking you relentlessly, try these top fives ways to get them to stop copying you:

5. Scream
If you scream or shriek loud enough most people will not copy you because they don’t want to be a spectacle. This tends to only work outdoors in situations where screaming is not appropriate like the bank or church.

4. Start spanking your own ass
If someone’s copying everything you do including physical gestures, try spanking your own ass. They might go along with it, but the harder you spank the most difficult it will be for them to keep pace.

3. Fondle your genitals
Most people will not be willing to engage in public self pleasure just to continue the bit of mimicking someone. This is the line for most people so once you cross this the game should be over.

2. Kiss a stranger on the mouth
If for some reason they’re still copying you after moves 5 thru 3, grab a stranger and kiss them on the mouth. This can be seen as a crime so you want to pick someone who looks like they won’t press charges, preferably a homeless individual. Most people will not be willing to copy this action.

And the number one way to get people to stop copying you is...

1. Pee in your pants
And the last ditch effort, as in most scenarios, is to pee on yourself. If you start urinating in your pants and the other person does it to then it’s over. Hats go off to them, they beat you. Still, even though they may have won, they didn’t REALLY win, because they’ve just peed in their pants so at best it’s a draw.

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