Dumbass Sayings: “At A Loss For Words”

Unless you have cancer of the
larynx, you're not at a loss
for words.
Whenever you forgot to lock the door to your office and someone walks in and catches you massaging your nipples they always get all dramatic and say “I’m at a loss for words.” Well for being at such a loss for words you just shot six right out of your pie hole pretty damn fast! That’s like saying “I’m not peeing on myself” as people can see the urine stain growing on your pants. You can’t say you’re at a loss for words without being completely full of shit. You can’t even write it without lying. Here’s how you tell someone you’re at a loss for words without lying, just shut the hell up and back out of the damn room and let me finish my massage. What’s the big deal? You never seen a grown man massaging his nip nips before? Next time I’ll double check that the door is locked, but really, if you can’t handle seeing that then you need to seriously grow up, Cheryl.

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