Dumbass Saying: “Opening Up A Can of Worms”

Mommy, why are the
worms hugging?
When your town has a problem with deer overpopulation and you release wild dingos into the streets people call that “Opening up a can of worms.” They mean you’ve created a situation that’s going to cause trouble or unpleasantness. This is a saying that really doesn’t make any sense at all. The only time anyone would ever have a can of worms with them is if they were going fishing. Then they would be using the worms for bait in order to catch fish so opening up a can of worms would be seen as a good thing. If you’re not a fisherman then there’s no reason to even possess a can of worms. Even if you had a can of worms at home and you opened it, what’s so bad about that? Dump them out onto your neighbor’s lawn or just throw it in the trash. Problem solved! It’s not like worms are some kind of unstoppable force out there that once let loose will wreak havoc on society. Worms are harmless, this is a stupid saying.

If you have a can of worms in your pantry at home do everyone a favor and either throw it out of donate it to a homeless shelter. Yes I know it’s gross to eat worms, but they’re a good source of protein and when you mash them up and add them to some pasta sauce with a little bit of garlic you hardly know they’re there. Then they can redeem the can for some money at the recycling center. It’s a double win.

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