Dumbass Saying: “To Say The Least”

Whenever you’re on a date at an amusement park and you accidentally shart while on the rollercoaster and your date notices the poop coming out of the bottom of your short shorts, you always say “I’m embarrassed to say the least.” To say the least? No that’s not saying the least. The least would be “Uh…” or even “E…” In order to say the least you would need to only speak a single syllable. If you think speaking an entire sentence is the last you can say then sharting your pants on a loop de loop in white hot pants the least of your problems. If you want to say the least just don’t say anything. Go home, change out of your pants and come back and we’ll act like none of this happened. Will she be able to forget you did this? Will she even be there when you get back? Is the date still salvageable? Why am I referring to myself in the second person?

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