Dumbass Sayings: “I’m Just Pulling Your Leg”

What the
When someone tells you that your parents died in a fiery car wreck and you say “Oh my god! What hospital are they at!” Sometimes they say “I’m just pullin your leg.” That means they’re just kidding. What does pulling someone’s leg have to do with joking? If you pull my leg that’s not just some fun little game, that’s borderline assault. Have you ever tried to pull someone’s leg before? You can get kicked off an airplane for doing something like that. No wonder so many people can’t take a joke if it’s compared to pulling on their entire leg. If someone has both of their hands on your thigh and they’re pulling, there’s nothing funny about that. It’s horrifying. In the medieval times, pulling legs was a form of torture where they would pull them right out of the hip socket. That’s no laughing matter. Instead of saying “Pulling your leg” why not just say “Tickling your leg”? That makes more sense. Of course, that sounds much creepier, but I’d rather have my leg tickled than pulled. Stop pulling people’s limbs!

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