Ask McFartnuggets: “Is It Inappropriate To Dress Up Like A Zombie For A Funeral?”

Eating the corpse is
also frowned upon.
Dear McFartnuggets: 
My friend invited me to his uncle’s funeral and since funerals are boring I decided to dress up like a zombie for fun. Well his family is really religious and they got uber offended by my costumery. I don’t get it. Is it inappropriate to dress up like a zombie for a funeral? Why? -- Ursula from Florida

Dear Ursula:
Some cultures may accept this behavior like a Dia de los Muertes type of thing, but generally speaking it’s never acceptable to dress up in costume for a funeral. For instance, you would never go to a funeral dressed as Superman or the Mad Hatter. Creating a spectacle of yourself turns the attention onto you when it should be on the departed. In addition, by dressing as a zombie the family might have thought you were mocking the corpse. I don’t know how decrepit this dead uncle was, but zombies are reanimated corpses so they probably didn’t appreciate that bit of it even though you may have been representing a life after death for their loved one. At least you didn’t get drunk and dance with the corpse. That’s even worse and I wasn’t even dressed like a zombie, though I may have been on bath salts.

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