The Top 5 Worst Addiction Combinations

Not everything goes together
like opium and napping.
Some addictions go really well together like exercise and caffeine, marijuana and food, or bath salts and rage. Then there are addictions that you should never have simultaneously. Having more than one addiction is usually bad, but having two addictions that don’t go together can be deadly. Here are the top 5 worst addiction pairings to have:

5. Cocaine and Yoga
If you’re addicted to meditation and yoga it’s a good idea to stay away from Cocaine. When you’re addicted to both then your meditation is going to be very uncomfortable. People addicted to Cocaine need to run free, not sit indian style in a quiet room.

If this is your idea of "Hot yoga" you're heading in the wrong direction.

4. Dipping Tobacco and Sex
Most people find chewing tobacco a turn off during sex so if you’re addicted to both there’s a good chance you’re intercoursing with some odd individuals. It’s a vagina not a spitoon.

If you ever meet a woman who packs dipping tobacco into her vagina, run.

3. Smoking and Running
Only someone really addicted to smoking and running can be seen jogging with a cigar in their mouth. It’s rare because if you’re going to smoke and run at the same time you’re basically negating yourself so you may as well just stand there not doing anything and be achieving the same result.

Nothing like a horrible lung cancer coughing fit to put an end to your marathon.

2. Alcoholism and Pain Medication
Everyone knows pain medications and alcohol don’t go together so if you happen to be addicted to both you better give one up fast before you end up dead. I recommend giving up pain medication. Overdosing on pain pills is much more fatal.

Who would do morphine? It looks like jizz from a cactus nutsack.

And the number one worst addiction pairing is...

1. Heroin and Taco Bell
If you have a pooping addiction like most people, it’s probably not a good idea to take heroin. Like most opioids, heroin can cause severe constipation. Taking heroin and then eating Taco Bell is like seeing what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object. Usually that’s pretty exciting to see, but not when it’s all happening in and around your butthole.

As you can see, the effects of Heroin are very similar to the effects of Taco Bell so when you combine the two you're asking for trouble.

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