Dumbass Sayings: “If You Can’t Beat Em, Join Em!”

Treason usually isn't
worth it.
This saying is a defeatist’s favorite slogan. The only thing worse than losing is giving up all your values and assimilating into your enemy. If you can’t beat someone then what about just gracefully accepting defeat and leaving it at that? There’s no reason to be a turncoat. This type of attitude is what led to Nazi Germany becoming so powerful during World War II. The countries that Hitler invaded chose to “join em!” and added more strength to the war machine that threatened to conquer the globe under a reign of fascism. So yeah, it’s not a great motto to live your life by. There is no circumstance where this is a positive saying. If you’re a fan of the Oklahoma City Thunder and they get beat in the NBA finals by the Miami Heat, if you decide to be a Miami Heat fan after that then you are a truly despicable person. I don’t think anyone would respect that “decision.” It has nothing to do with the teams or the players, it’s just not an honorable thing to do. You may be able to survive by joining your enemy, but is the life of a traitor really worth living?

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