Dumbass Sayings: “Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk”

One of the most famous sayings in the world is “Friends don’t let friends drive drunk.” Well this couldn’t be more wrong. Friends let friends drive drunk all the time, usually they’re in the car too and drunk as well. I think the saying should be “Friends SHOULD NEVER let friends drive drunk.” Even if that were the common saying I’d still have a problem with that because that implies you can encourage your enemies drive drunk. This might seem like a good idea, but you have to realize the thing that makes drunk driving so bad is the danger that the drunkard poses to other people on the road. If your enemy was the only one who got hurt while drunk driving then I would agree with this saying wholeheartedly, but you never know who that bastard is going to crash into. If it’s a car with a family coming home from Disneyland you’re going to feel very bad about yourself. So actually don’t let ANYONE drive drunk, friend or foe. Why are we limiting this to just friends? Even if you don’t know a dude and you see him staggering to his truck you should try to stop the guy. Even if it means beating the hell out of him with wooden 2x4 and being arrested, because that might be a crime whereas letting someone drive drunk isn’t, but by stopping a drunk driver who knows how many lives you saved.

I don't care if you're friends or not. If you see someone looking like this you take their damn keys.

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