Dumbass Sayings: "There's No Crying in Baseball"

Is there crying in softball?
When you’re a kid playing baseball with your dad at the park and he’s training you to be the next Willie Mays sometimes he’ll be throwing fastballs at you over and over screaming “HIT THE BALL HIT IT DAMNIT!” and then one of the fastballs will slip out of his hand and hit you in the face and you’ll start screaming and crying. Then what does your father say? He says “Shut the hell up! There’s no crying in baseball!” No crying in baseball? I’m 7-years-old, for god sake! Why is this even a saying? If there really was no crying in baseball you wouldn’t need a saying to tell people to stop crying. Obviously there is crying and that’s why you say this to people to get them to stop crying. There’s no saying that goes “There’s no crying in football” because people rarely cry in football. Crying is not common in most sports actually. If you’re going to verbally condemn crying in sports it would probably be easier to just say which sports are okay to cry in. Instead of saying “There’s no crying in baseball, football, hockey, soccer, badminton, etc.” Just say “There IS crying in figure skating and rhythmic gymnastics.” Let’s just say that and assume there’s no crying in every other sport and make this a lot easier for everyone.

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