Dumbass Saying: “Game Face”

It's game time.
When you’re playing backyard football with your family on Thanksgiving, your dad always tells you to “Put your goddamn game face on!” At the time you’re scared and you don’t want to disappoint your father so you look as angry as possible and spear your grandma straight to hell when she gets the ball. It’s only a couple of years later when you’re in your 30’s when you stop to think about what “Game face” really means. Why would you need a serious face to play a game? It’s a GAME. Now “War face” is a term I might understand except everyone knows a war face is just a blank stare that you get when you’ve just seen hundreds of people die. That’s not something you can really control. The situation you’re in leads to the face you make. If you have to force your face to be a certain way that’s entirely unnatural and wrong. The whole point of a game is that it’s not serious. You should be able to smile and look goofy during a game. That’s what games are for. They’re supposed to be fun! They’re not supposed to be treated like life and death. This is why grandma keeps needing surgeries on her damn clavicle and knees because some people take Thanksgiving football too damn seriously!

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