Ask McFartnuggets: “Are There Enough Good Young Celebrities To Replace The Old Ones?”

Reality TV has given us
a lot of subpar celebrities
Dear McFartnuggets: 
Have you noticed that new celebrities these days really aren’t that great? They’re nothing like they used to be. Who’s the modern day equivalent of Elvis or The Beatles? Justin Timberlake is good, but he’s not THAT GOOD. What are we going to do when all these older celebrities that are legends start dying? Does anyone think about that? Like they’re all old as hell right now so once they start dying they’re going to start dropping like flies. Jack Nicholson, David Letterman, Paul McCartney, Bill Murray, Stephen Hawking, Helen Mirren, Steve Martin, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Mick Jagger, Robin Williams, etc. These dudes are just going to start dying probably within five years of each other and who do we have to replace them? Zac Efron? What the hell are we going to do? -- Liam from Green Bay

Dear Liam:
Yeah we are pretty much screwed in that regard. Hopefully Hollywood will be able to perfect that technology that lets them use old actors who are dead in new movies. I think that’s going to be really big. If that works well enough we won’t need new celebrities so let’s keep our fingers crossed for that. At least the Oscars memorial tribute to the dead will be eventful every year.

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