Dumbass Sayings: “Just Do It”

What a horrible drunk
driving slogan.
The famous Nike slogan is “Just do it”, but do they even realize that their slogan is the perfect argument to the saying “Say no to drugs”? If every kid on Earth adopted this slogan as their life’s motto, there would be dead children everywhere. “Just do it” is the exact opposite of what we try to teach people in life. You don’t just do things, you have to stop a second to think “Should I really be doing this?” and “How will this affect myself and people around me?” Then once you answer those quick questions if the answer are “Yes” and “It’s fine” then you go ahead and “Do it.” If someone walks up to you with a live penguin and says “Hey use this as a dildo.” If you listen to Nike you’re going to end up in a hospital and possibly jail for animal cruelty. If you just think for two seconds “Should I really be doing this?” NO. The answer is no. You leave the zoo, you report the zookeeper who approached you, and you wait until he’s fired before you go back there ever again. It’s not difficult.

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