Ask McFartnuggets: “What Would Happen If You Had Sex With Someone Who Was Possessed By Satan?”

Exorcisms rarely turn
romantic for a reason.
Dear McFartnuggets: 
Hypothetically speaking, what would happen to you if you had sex with someone who had been possessed by Satan? Should I get tested? I mean should you get tested? -- Frank from New Canaan, Connecticut

Dear Frank:
It’s perfectly fine to have intercourse with a woman while she’s experiencing Post Menstrual Syndrome. In fact, studies show that sex may even help alleviate the symptoms of PMS. Now if you’re talking about someone who’s literally been possessed by a demon then that’s a different story. The demon will them pass from their body into yours through your chapstick. Some people call this Syphilitic dementia, but it may as well be a demon. Whatever it is, it’s never good to bang someone in a straitjacket. If that’s your thing, fine, but make sure she’s not in a straitjacket when you MEET her that’s all I’m saying.

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