Ask McFartnuggets: “I Accidentally Attached Nude Photos With My Resume! What Do I Do?!”

Dear McFartnuggets: 
I was applying to jobs online while I was having a few drinks last night and when it came to the part where they ask you to attach a resume I accidentally attached one of my nude pics. Before I realized what happened I had already clicked send and now I’m worried I won’t get the job. What do I do now? I really want that job! I can’t just let it slip away because of one drunken mistake! Should I email again and explain myself? Should I call? -- Tim from Kentucky

Dear Tim:
Unfortunately, you probably blew your shot at the job with that mistake. It’s okay, it happens. If you want, you can resubmit your application and see what happens, but that’s not really a great move because even if they do call you in for an interview you have to sit there knowing they saw your photo. Even if you get the job, you’ll be known as “That porno pic guy.” That’s no way to start a career, I don’t care what the job is. My advice to you would be to just apply to a bunch of other jobs and take this as a lesson learned. Keep your perverted photography in a seperate folder far away from your resume and take it easy on the Wild Turkey when you’re on the job hunt. Good luck, Tim!

It's always embarrassing to send your potential employer a selfie. Clothed or not!

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