The Top Five Alternatives To “Making It Rain” In A Strip Club

Making it rain is officially
old hat.
“Making it rain” in a club means throwing stacks of cash into the air at hos. Everyone knows that these days, it’s old news. There are other alternatives to “Making it rain” that you can do to be “Fresh” and “Hip.” If you want to be a trendsetter rather than a trend follower you might want to try these other ways to “Make it (insert weather phenomenon)” in the club:

5. “Making it fog”
If you can’t make it rain in a club you can always “Make it fog” aka fart. This isn’t a good thing to do, but usually in a strip club the lights are low and it smells like cigarette smoke so no one will notice anyway.

4. ”Making it drizzle”
If you want to make it rain, but you’re on a tight budget you can always “Make it drizzle.” This involves taking maybe five to seven dollars in ones and tossing those into the air over a stripper.

3. “Making it sleet”
If you want to make it sleet basically what you do is you take dollar bills and sacajawea coin dollars and throw them into the air together that way there’s a mix of paper and metal. It’s combines the fun of “Making it hail” with the safety of rain because the bills will cushion the fall of the coins on the stripper’s heads which leads to less discomfort.

2. “Making it tornado”
Now here’s a fun one. It’s generally reserved for people who are very rich and very drunk. Basically how you “Make it tornado” is you take two fistfulls of money, jump up onto the stage and start spinning around letting the cash go little by little as you’re spinning so it creates a vortex of dolla dolla bills, yo.

And the number one alternative to making it rain in the club is…

1. “Making it flood”
Now you have to be very wealthy to “Make it flood: in the club, but if you can pull this off you’ll be as infamous as Hurricane Katrina or Superstorm Sandy. It’s pretty self explanatory. “Making it flood” entails dropping so much cash from the sky that it begins to accumulate in inches on the floor. You need to throw so much cash into the air that people can’t walk around without kicking money and the club has to call FEMA to help dig them out.

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