Ask McFartnuggets: “How Come Women Who Wear Men’s Clothes Aren’t Considered Transvestites?”

Oh, hey Uncle Jeff!
Dear McFartnuggets: 
Why is it when a man wears a sun dress, that makes him a transvestite, but a woman can wear a sport coat or a flannel shirt with slacks and she’s not a transvestite? -- Harry from Boston

Dear Harry:
Technically a woman wearing male clothing would be a transvestite, but we don’t see it that way in society and that all has to do with gender inequality. When a woman wears manly clothing, sadly it’s considered empowering. There was a time in America when women couldn’t wear suits and they were forced by society to always wear dresses. When women began fighting for equal rights that meant they could wear whatever they wanted and this included men’s clothing. On the other hand, when a man wears women’s clothing it’s seen as a weird, sick thing to do. Why would a man want to dress like a woman? No one asks why a woman would want to dress like a man because when women were getting their rights, a woman would want to dress like a man to be taken seriously in the business world. People trust a woman more if she’s dressed like a man, and trust a man less if he’s dressed like a woman. It’s understandable, but sad because it shows just exactly how unequal men and women still are even to this day. The day a man can wear a dress to work and be taken seriously is the day the genders are truly equal.

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