Dumbass Sayings: “Bull in a China Shop”

Is that a porcelain vase?
No, it's a bull's
reproductive system.
When you come to Thanksgiving dinner high off your ass on Cocaine usually you don’t remember any of it, but your family tells you that you were going crazy, breaking everything like “A bull in a China shop.” What the hell is a China shop? Is that a store that only sells fine China dinnerware? Do those even exist? Even if they did, how and why would a bull ever be inside one? I’ll bet you could put a bull in a china shop and it would just stand there. You’d have to do something to piss it off for it to go berserk and start smashing everything. Once it’s smashing everything it really doesn’t matter what type of shop it is, there’s still a lot of damage going on. It could be a dildo shop and there’d still be broken items all over the place, I don’t see why people specify a “China shop.”

Instead of saying “Bull in a china shop” just say “A hurricane.” That’s a much more relatable concept for people and it’s something that will help raise awareness in the community so people can protect their homes from the next big hurricane. Why bring up a scenario that will never happen like a bull in a China shop? There’s so much real life destruction to use for metaphors these days. Saying “Bull in a China shop” is like saying “King Kong on a meth binge” or “A giraffe in a portapotty.” Where does this insanity stop?

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