The Top 5 Worst Pro Wrestling Moves To Use In A Real Fight

Some pro wrestling moves
work in a real fight.
A lot of them don't.
If you grew up watching professional wrestling then your fighting style is probably heavily influenced by classic wrestling moves. Now I’m not going to say pro wrestling is fake, but it’s just a fact that a lot of the moves they use aren’t entirely effective in real life hand to hand combat. Some moves work, like the punch or kick to the face, but a lot of others are not great to use in a street fight. Here are the top 5 worst pro wrestling moves to use in a fight:

5. Tombstone Piledriver
The Tombstone Piledriver can be effective if it’s executed properly, but it’s major downfall is the setup. In order to pull off this maneuver you basically have to be in a standing 69 position with another man so his balls are right in your face. Any number of things can go wrong in this position including your opponent farting or shitting himself forcing you to let go, or your opponent even biting your genitals while upside down. It’s too risky to attempt.

4. Chop
This is a move that’s arguably not even effective in wrestling so when you do it in a street fight it’s even worse. No one has ever really gotten hurt from someone slapping their forearm onto their chest while screaming “WOOOOOO!!!” All this is going to do is piss them off more. Unless you’re fighting a woman with huge tits this is not going to be very effective and even then probably not, also why are you fighting a woman with huge tits?

3. Stone Cold Stunner
Back in the late 90’s everyone was doing the Stone Cold Stunner. Back then you’d shave your head not for cancer awareness, but to look like Stone Cold Steve Austin. The problem is, when you tried to do the stunner to someone in a real life scenario it would never work the way you wanted and you’d end up landing flush on your tailbone usually on hard cement which would them cripple you and keep you out of school for three months leading to your grades dropping and hurting your chances of getting into a real college, right? Isn’t that what happened to everyone?

2. The People’s Elbow
The People’s Elbow was one of The Rock’s signature moves before he went on to be in every single action movie ever made. The problem with doing this move in a real fight is there are no ropes around so you can’t build up the momentum needed to pull off this move. You can run into a wall or something, but that’s only going to hurt you.

And the number one worst pro wrestling move to use in a street fight is…

1. Hulk Hogan Leg Drop
Possibly one of the most famous wrestling moves of all time, the Hulk Hogan leg drop. Why did it work in the ring? No one knows. It’s just a guy’s leg falling on you. I don’t really see how that’s so devastating. Then to top it all off it doesn’t work in real life either because you have to jump and land on your own ass with little to no damage done do your opponent. All this move does is bruise your ass and leave you prone to attack while everyone is laughing at you. No amount of hulking up, shaking furiously, and pointing at people is going to help you once that happens.

Just jumping and landing on someone's head with your feet would probably be more effective, but obviously not as fun for the crowd watching you.

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