Dumbass Sayings: “Behind My Back”

If you’re the type of homegirl who talks a lot of gossip on the schoolyard then there’s a good chance some ratchet bitch is going to step to you eventually and cause a ruckus. They usually say something like “Why you talking behind my back about me? Why you talking behind my back?” Let me get this straight, girlfriend. I’m talking behind your back? How can you talk behind someone’s back? Would you prefer I talk about you in front of your back? That doesn’t sound right. Isn’t “in front of a back” the same thing as behind a back? Saying “Behind my back” is like saying “In front of my front.” Do you realize how stupid that sounds? Probably not because you’re a dumbass ho and that’s the reason I’ve been talking shit behind your front in the first place! Damn, bitch you need to stop tripping because one day you might not get back up!

If you don't like people doing things behind your back, just turn around.

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