5 Fun Things To Do With Old Skin Flakes That Fall Off Your Body

Everyone knows the human body has 1.6 trillion skin cells and approximately 40,000 fall off every hour. The question is, what can you do with all this wasted skin? Surely it can be put to good use. Here are the top 5 best things to do with old skin flakes that fall off your body:

5. Use it as fake decorative snow.
Your old skin flakes can be saved in a bucket and used for holiday decorations as a nice natural alternative to fake aerosol spray snow.

Who needs fancy lights when you can sprinkle dead skin flakes all over your tree?

4. Pretend it’s special magician’s powder.
Why waste money on “special” magician’s powder when you can have your own falling off your body right this minute. After you do a trick, throw it into the air to mystify your audience.

Every good magician uses wizard's powder.

3. Use it as a healthier alternative to salt.
If you’ve ever tasted skin flakes before you know there’s a bit of a saltiness to it especially if you sweat a lot. The salt from your sweat soaks into every grain of skin you have and infuses it with that salty flavor. Instead of adding more salt to your diet which is harmful, just use your salty skin flakes to season a dish.

Salt is for roads, skin flakes are for food.

2. Use it as a natural way to thicken sauces and gravies.
Some people thicken their sauces with cornstarch and other weird powders, but I bet they never thought about using their skin flakes. Keep a box of skin flakes you’ve collected in the kitchen to add some richness to your sauces that your dinner guests will never forget.

A handful of dead skin is a great way to make a sauce more hearty.

And the number one most fun thing to do with your old skin flakes is...

1. Use it as self defense powder.
Have some skin flakes in your pockets at all times. That way when someone attacks you, you can grab a handful and throw it in their face. It will shock and stun them momentarily, maybe even blind them if it’s salty enough. That should give you enough time to run away.

The eyes are one of the most vulnerable parts on the human body aside from the genitals.

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