Ask McFartnuggets: “What Should I Do When A Woman Laughs At My Nude Body?”

It's best to just have a
sense of humor about
the whole thing.
Dear McFartnuggets: 
Let’s not beat around the bush and just make a long story short, my genitalia looks strange. When I’m naked in front of a woman she can’t stop herself from laughing and it makes me feel sad. This is making me almost want to stop flashing people in Walmart parking lots. What should I do when this happens? -- Vernon from Minnesota

Dear Vernon:
You have to remember that first off, what you’re doing is technically illegal, but also that people often laugh when they’re nervous. Having someone laugh at your naked body doesn’t automatically mean your genitals are hilarious. If I were you I would just assume that these women are laughing because they’re uncomfortable or they want to hurt your feelings to get you to stop which is where I think you were going with this. You should stop doing what you’re doing because there’s no real benefit to it. You’re being made to feel sad and they feel uncomfortable, it’s a lose/lose situation. I’ve never flashed a woman and had her say “Let’s go!” It’s just not going to happen that way unless you have a brick of 100 dollar bills taped to your balls.

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