Dumbass Sayings: “Can I Ask You A Personal Question?”

If you want to ask about
my uterus, just ask, moron!
Whenever someone wants to ask you a question about your genitalia or your grandparents’ sex life they always preface this query with a redundant shielding question of “May I ask you a personal question?” Why do they do this? Why not just ASK and then I’ll either answer it or I won’t answer it? Isn’t that how things should work? No, instead people want to manipulate you by getting you to agree to the question beforehand. News flash, lobstertits! Even if I say you can ask me a personal question that doesn’t mean I’ll answer it. So it all depends on what the question is. If it’s okay, I’ll answer it. If it’s about whether or not my grandma still has periods, I may decide NOT to answer that. There’s literally no reason to ask me if it’s okay to ask a question. It’s basically like saying “Can I ask you if your grandmother is still menstruating?” Why include that beginning part? It’s just a failed attempt at being polite when you clearly have no real interest in decorum!

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