The Top 3 Negatives To Not Wearing Underpants

That tiger is going to
bite your nuts off.
When you look at the trend of underpants over the course of human history, they keep getting smaller and smaller and smaller. We started at bloomers, then panties, then g-strings, then c-strings, and now some people just walk around with a bandaid over their genitals. It’s quite possible that one day it will be the social norm to go commando at all times. Is this really safe? There are some negatives to not wearing underpants that everyone will need to consider and here are the top 3:

3. Moderate to severe chafing will occur.
Underpants act like a buffer between your genitals and your pants cloth. They’re basically a sock for your privates. You need socks when you go running to prevent blisters and underpants help in the same way. No one wants dick or vaginal blisters. That can be a life changing malady.

2. If you have an accident it will even more obvious to people.
Usually when you pee or crap your pants it’s bad no matter how you slice it, but if your underpants are absorbent they can help mitigate the problem. It really all depends on the toughness of your underpants. If you’ve got some industrial strength undies on then they could contain an entire crapload of pants well enough to let you walk home and clean up in the bathtub. If you aren’t wearing any underpants that same crapping your pants could be disastrous. Crapping your pants while going commando can ruin your life. No one should ever have poop running down the bottom of their pant legs.

1. If your fly falls down in public, you’re basically committing a crime.
Even in the 21st century, public nudity is a serious issue in most places. That means any time you go outside wearing pants with a loose fly without underpants on underneath you’re risking going to jail. We’ve all been surprised by noticing our flies are either down or were never pulled up to begin with and it’s embarrassing. Now imagine that same scenario if you weren’t wearing underpants. It’s pretty bad, especially if you’re at work or happen to be walking by a school. This is one situation where going commando can seriously mess up your life and that’s why it’s the number one reason you should always wear underpants.

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