Ask McFartnuggets: “What Happens When You Sneeze, Burp, Cough, Fart, Pee, Vomit and Cry At The Same Time?”

Dear McFartnuggets: 
What would happen if you sneezed, burped, coughed, farted, peed, vomited, and cried all at the same time? Would you explode and die? -- Hannah from Lincoln, Nebraska

Dear Hannah:
How would you even do that? Now I fart and sneeze simultaneously almost every day and we’ve all peed and cried at the same time, sometimes I’ll even burp and cough at the same time, but all those together would be brutal. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of your organs ruptured. Perhaps this is how spontaneous human combustion occurs. My best guess is that if you somehow did manage to pull this off your brain would completely reset. Doing all those things would basically reboot your entire central nervous system and it’s not a good idea because you’ll probably get a blank black screen with a blinking cursor and you’ll need a team of doctors to get you back online.

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