Ask McFartnuggets: “Why Does Making A V Sign With Your Hand Mean Peace?”

Vaginas are a symbol of power
in some societies.
Dear McFartnuggets: 
I’ve been wondering why does making a V sign with your hand mean “Peace”? It’s a V. How the hell is that supposed to mean peace? The peace symbol is like an upside down V with another line in the middle and a line on top with a circle around it. Shouldn’t the V sign mean “Vagina”? That’s what I thought it meant. I thought whenever someone made a V sign at me it meant the same thing as the V and then the tongue inbetween. Shouldn’t the tongue inbetween the V mean you’re licking peace? -- Porter from Albany, NY

Dear Porter:
Well, the V symbol started off meaning “Victory” during World War II. Winston Churchill used to do it a lot. Then Richard Nixon started doing the double V for victory during the Vietnam War and hippies decided to turn it from a symbol supporting the war effort into “Peace.” You’re onto something there with the V meaning peace and also meaning vagina though. Everyone says if women ran the world there would be no war. Maybe it’s true, because vaginas = peace. Hand gestures don’t lie!

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