Ask McFartnuggets: “Why Is Wishing Death On People Considered Bad?”

Millions of people wished death
on Hitler and eventually it happened.
A little late though.
Dear McFartnuggets: 
How come it’s bad to wish death on people? It never works. I wish death on dozens of people every month at work and they’re perfectly fine. In fact, my entire life no one I’ve ever hoped would die actually dies. The people who die are usually the people you like and never expect or want to die. So what is so bad about wishing death on someone? Shouldn’t it be seen as good since it basically makes them immortal? -- Monica from San Antonio

Dear Monica:
There’s actually nothing wrong with wishing death on people. We all die. You can’t wish death, it’s a promise made to us all the day we’re born. That being said, wishing premature death on people is messed up. While it is true that no one you ever wish dead actually dies, it’s still wrong. You’re filling your head with negative thoughts and negativity and anger can spread through your whole body causing you to fall ill or experience discomfort. It’s basically like whoever you wish dead is taking your lifeforce and using it to not die. In that way I guess it’s a selfless good thing to do, just don’t scream it outloud at work.

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